Standard chair

These were the first adult sized chairs I made – and the first of a set of 6 for the dining table.

These ‘evolved’ from a chair designed by Finnish designer Ilmari Tapiovaara, with a bit of Welsh chair and other influences.  That’s the thing with design – nothing happens in isolation, nothing is absolutely new – especially when you are dealing with furniture, which has some fairly rigorous functional demands (or limitations) – it must be comfortable and/or serviceable.  So basically – I absorbed images, ideas, designs – then shut all the photos, all the books, and started to draw a chair that ‘looked right’.

These chairs were made from some wood sourced from the ‘urban forest’ – I was given the wood by a friend – he slabbed the timber from a tree on his block and never got round to using it.  The timber is allegedly turpentine – not a good choice.  Turpentine is normally favoured for bridge timbers – resistant to rot, termites, and fire (classified as non-combustible!).  It  is heavy – too heavy for chairs – hard as glass, interlocking grain, and high silicon.

The chairs were ebonised with with a spirit stain and finished with a tung oil and polyurethane blend.

I am happy with these chairs.  They are comfortable to sit in and I like the look of them.  They feel good.  Eventually, I will make some leather seat cushions for them – but they are pretty comfortable as it is.


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