Fire Season


RFS Water bomber

Early summer is the season for bush fires in Northern New South Wales.

Yesterday was a high fire danger day – hot, but fortunately, not a lot of breeze.  A fire started just a few miles from our place – about 8km according to technology.  Apparently, it started as a grass fire and got into the surrounding bush.  Access is difficult, so they called in the water bomber, who flew laps over our place.  Every few minutes, another lap.

The Clarence River is wide and free of power lines etc – easy access for aircraft – they swoop in, touch down, scoop up a tank of water and off again.

About 6 weeks ago, I had to go to Ballina, about an hour away.  Ballina is on the Richmond River – another substantial river.  This day, there was a fire just south of Ballina in the tea tree scrub.  The water bombers were scooping water out of the Richmond River, right in the middle of town.  Every few minutes, the water bombers would fly in, bank round and swoop down to the river to refill, and take off again – non-stop.

The esplanade was packed with spectators – best show in town!



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