A Nice Bit of Treen…


Mulga egg cup – not pretty, not new either.

New Years Market in the main street of Maclean.  Su had some of her work on Di Nixon’s (DiVaNix) stall.  We were there early, before the crowd, helping set up.

Across the road, an old guy was all set up and waiting for the buyers.  I’d seen him before – a character.  Pete reckons he is at a market every weekend.  Sells hand made jewellery – mostly made from found objects, plus a few bracelets made from bent spoons. Plus a few old albums – Charley Pride, Jimmy Little, mostly country.  Everything the same price – $10.  Except for a box marked at $2.

This little mulga egg cup was in the $2 box.  Turned from mulga.  The finish has crazed and gone dark, but when it was new, it would have been vivid red mulga and creamy white sapwood.  These little pieces of mulga were everywhere in the 50s and 60s.  Every home had one – ash trays, pen holders, all sorts of knick knacks.  Many were embossed – place names, mementos of some day out or holiday.

I hadn’t seen one for ages.  So I bought it – a memento of a time I visited once…


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