Shed Works Resumed…


Shed works have resumed – after an interruption and a sobering scare.

Late afternoon, hot day, and I was installing the boards on the ceiling – lots of up and down the ladder.  Then I stepped off the ladder before I got to the bottom rung!

Landed awkwardly, and fell on my backside.  A few years ago, I could have just shrugged it off, but this time had strained ligaments in my knee and my back was bruised and sore.  I finished securing the last panel, and called it quits – inside for a hot shower and a medicinal ale as prescribed by the good Doctor Cooper.

That was a restless night – my knee ached, and my back was prone to muscle spasms.  And I lay awake thinking that if it got worse, or didn’t get better, then my idea of life on a rural block was going to change quickly….

In the morning, my back was simply sore, and my knee was very sore.  A couple of rest days, and I was mobile again.  Mostly better now.

A couple of days later, a friend of mine shared a link to the My MiND blog.  Another reminder of just how quickly it all can change…

Please read it here

Take care.  Be lucky.  Be thankful.



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