Sometimes, it is better to just quit!

I wasn’t always a grumpy old engineer!  Over the years, I’ve made a career out of a succession of jobs – most jobs were good, a few were great, but some jobs were just plain bad.  I’ve been sacked and retrenched, and I’ve just quit.  I’ve applied for scores of jobs, and been interviewed for many more jobs than I’ve actually had….  I’ve also interviewed a lot of people for jobs…

I think I know a bit about jobs – experience and opinion.  And here’s my free advice.

Firstly, bad jobs are toxic – they affect your health, your sanity, your social life, your mental outlook, and your ability to find another job…

  • The stress and anger caused by a job you hate will affect your health. Nervous rashes, over-eating, drinking etc are obvious.  But stress can affect your immune system and affect you in many other ways.
  • A toxic job will affect your mental health. Toxic jobs relentlessly attack your sense of worth, your confidence, and your ability to deal with issues outside work.
  • When you are in a toxic job, your performance at job interviews is affected. The negativity, damaged confidence and stress will show through in interviews.
  • The negativity, loss of confidence, loss of self-worth affects your social life. You are less inclined to seek company, and you are not so much fun to be around.
  • In a toxic job, your mental frame of reference is negative. You are focused on getting out, escaping, avoiding, surviving…  Your frame of reference affects the way you think about everything else – including the future…
  • You feel as if you have no support – that you are alone in this…
  • There is no upside to staying in a toxic job… OK – you don’t get paid, but they can’t pay you enough to make a toxic job worth the money.

Being sacked from a bad job is liberating! The first time I was sacked, I was so relieved that I skipped out of the place!  When I was working for a large foreign owned defence company in Adelaide, it was obvious that everyone who left the company, regardless of circumstances, was happier within a few days – and most were better employed within weeks.

Unemployment isn’t necessarily a bad thing  Once you leave a toxic job, everything changes:

  • The stress is gone, the weight is off your shoulders, and the sense of relief is a sense of elation!
  • You will begin to feel fresher, healthier, happier, energised.
  • You start to feel good about yourself. You regain confidence and your sense of self worth – this a change you made and that is a good thing.
  • Job interviews go better. You almost enjoy them!.  The negativity goes, and the confidence shows.  And you are more likely to apply for better positions – positions that you once thought were beyond you!
  • You become happier, more outgoing, more likeable, and better to be around. Your social life improves.
  • You start to enjoy doing things again – small things, old things, new things, big things. You have the time and peace of mind to enjoy life.  You laugh more often.
  • Frame of mind becomes positive – your focus moves from the inward and negative to the outward and positive. When the stress and dread go, you become open to challenges, opportunities, new things, people, places.  You move from ‘if only…’ to ‘what if…’.
  • You have support – and you will find support in other unexpected places. You will no longer feel alone.

Make what you will of all this…  After all, it is your choice.  Our lives are a consequence of our choices.  Failing to make a choice is also a choice – but not usually a good one.

Advice my old Dad gave to me…

  • There are two ways to learn from experience. One is to learn from your own experience (the hard way) – the other is to learn from the experience of others.
  • Free advice is worth every penny.

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