Rains, Floods and Mosquitos


RAinfall march nsw

For this month to date, we have had 432mm of rain – that is 17″ in old speak…  around 360mm of this bucketed out of the sky over just 5 days.

To put that into perspective – that’s more than 3/4 of the rainfall that Adelaide or Perth get in a year, and 70% of Melbourne’s average annual total.

We have standing water all round – the bottom of the block is a soggy mess.   Roadworks on the Pacific Highway upgrade are at a standstill and the work site is a lake! Cane fields are waterlogged.

The mighty Clarence River became even mightier, with minor flooding in some areas.  But fortunately, the rainfall didn’t affect the main catchment areas.  However, at Lilydale, upstream from Grafton, the river rose by 10 meters.

Disruptions have been minor, but during the worst of it, events were cancelled or postponed, roads were closed and some folks were isolated.  Cars were washed off roads by drivers trying to cross flood ways, and the SES were flat out helping those in strife.

The area around our block is fairly low-lying.  Much of the area was at one time a paperbark swamp.  So it is inevitable that drainage is poor, and we have plenty of standing water for mosquitoes to breed up.  And they are plentiful and fiercely hungry.

We have had a few days of little or no rain, and the area is starting to dry out.  But more rain is forecast for next week… Perhaps I can get the grass cut?

But just a few weeks ago, we had a heat wave over most of Australia…Remember this?



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