Nesting plovers and pink fungus…


You might think it was spring!  Since the rain, the paperbarks have blossomed, and the resident pair of Spurwing Plovers have begun nesting.  I saw them yesterday, when I was cutting grass at the back of the block.  I left a circle of unmown grass around them.

While I was on the ride-on mower, the plovers were not fussed.  But when I walked down to photograph them, they were much more excited…  I would have liked to get closer, but they were very aggressive, dive bombing and screeching. I left them in peace.

Last year, the plover’s nest failed – I found two eggs in an abandoned nest – and shortly after, one of the plovers died.  The remaining plover was a solitary soul for a while, until he found a new mate.

Also, yesterday while mowing, I found some pink fungus growing on one of the paperbarks – perfectly formed bright pink tiny shelf fungus.  Today, they were much less well formed.  But I did find some green fungus in one of the potted ferns outside Su’s studio.



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