Celebrating Self-Reliance…

Carl Small and staff outside the factory in Lismore.

Carl Small and staff outside their factory in Lismore

This article turned up on my Facebook feed.  Back in the day, Carl Small had a furniture showroom in Lismore.  After WW2, supplies were scarce.  The nation was still recovering after the war, and building supplies and other materials were in short supply.

So Carl started a factory to make his own furniture.

Apparently, the business flourished.  But it is now long gone – we depend on cheap imports for our furniture.  And today, our furniture is cheaply made, and to all intents and purposes, disposable – to be thrown out after 10 years or less…

Because cheap imports killed off the local businesses, and the strength of the mining industry killed off our manufacturing industry, we are no longer self reliant.

Read the rest of the story here…


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