Does this mean I’m an artist?


The Lower Clarence Valley Art and Crafts Association run the ‘8 x 8’ show each year.  The event is open to all, with a $10.00 entry which includes a 200mm (8 inches) square canvas (hence the 8 x 8 moniker).  Entrants can offer the pieces for sale, or mark them NFS, provided sale price is less than $250.  This year the theme was ‘Messages’.

As a good citizen, I supported the show and put in an entry.  Machined up out of scraps and off-cuts – including a that piece of dark red Jarrah that came from the first BBQ that Su and I ever owned.

I titled the work ‘Message Sticks’ – obvious – but I did think about calling it ‘Fake News’.

So the piece sold.  $85.  Fancy that!  Someone liked it that much!  I’m flattered and amused.

But I don’t think it makes me an artist – or a professional…


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