Work in progress – Banksia Table

Banksia Table in progress 2a

Remember the planter table I made?  The one that I measured and cut, measured and cut, and it was still too short?  This is the table I actually set out to build – or it will be mostly.

The hard work is done – joinery is completed.  Because this is a fine piece, I took a lot of trouble to get the joinery just so.  And to complicate things – there was only just enough material to make this piece – no replacements if I stuff up.

The material was milled from two slabs of Banksia – consecutive boards off the same tree.  It was a step out into the unknown for me – new design, new joinery, and a delicate piece.  I even made a prototype – the planter table.  There was a good deal of procrastination before I put the saw into the slabs, and I’ve been proceeding slowly.

I made reference to element of risk in craftsmanship – where one wrong move can undo everything.  Normally, I have spare material, and I have Plan B in case.

We’re not done yet, but this is a milestone.

Now for the fun part – I get to add the curves, to add lightness and feeling to the piece.  Let’s hope I don’t stuff up.



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