Sculpture 101

170528 Moebius1-1a

Moebius Strip in Camphor Laurel

The Northern Rivers Woodworkers Association organises a series of workshops on different topics – wood turning, animal carving, finishing, etc…  I went with the sculpture workshop, run by sculptor, designer and engineer Karl Rubli.

For my motif for the course, I chose a Moebius Strip.  The Moebius Strip is a topological curiosity – a single surface bounded by a single continuous edge.  And it has some peculiar properties.

I chose it for its interest, curiosity, and because it involved a twist.  I have carved a small piece with twists before, and interesting things happen to the form, the cross section and the way the light and shadow works.

Of course, Karl’s workshop was only enough to get us started on the right track.  After a good deal of carving, and even more sanding – I finally decided enough sanding was enough – time to finish.

One coat of Danish Oil, a coat of wax – I’m happy with that!

170528 Moebius1-2a


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