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Festival of Glass – Happy!

We have returned from our trip to the Victoria for the Drysdale Festival of Glass…  Su did well – Check out her website here.


The 2018 Festival of Glass was held over the weekend of 17-18 February at Drysdale, Victoria.  The event is organised and run by the local Clifton Springs – Drysdale Community Group.

We arrived on the Friday eventing, and delivered my entries to the Glass Art Awards team.  We met other entrants, saw some fabulous work that had been entered, and we got to catch up with other glass folks who were setting up for Sunday’s Glass Expo.

Saturday evening was the ‘Twilight Flames’ event at the nearby Leura Park Estate winery, where the good folks served us fine food and beautiful wines while Murano master Mauro Vianello demonstrated his skills with sculptural glass.  Lots of fun catching up with more glass folks!

The Glass Expo was a lot of fun – but a long day for the exhibitors!

During the day, the winners of the Awards Show were announced.

I was totally stoked to be awarded First Place in the Wearable Art section, and delighted to be second place behind the wonderful Kathryn Chaston in the Sculptural section.  Happy with that!


Seabed Series pendant 2


Against the Flow 2s


Kirra Flame On Glass 2017

We’ve just returned from a 6 day road trip (motor cars, hotels, airports and airplanes) for the Kirra Galleries 15th Flame On Glass Exhibition. This is also the final Flame on Glass Exhibition. As far as I’m concerned, this show is the most prestigious gathering of torch work glass artists in Australia at Australia’s most […]

via Flame On Glass 2017 at Kirra Gallery — Su Bishop Glass Art

Exmouth again


Exmouth was a great place to live and work – but after 5 or 6 years, it started to wer you down.  Isolation from interesting people and places, music, food, shows…

But I did learn a thing or two about wood work.  A couple of the guys I worked with were keen woodworkers – they kind of got me going.  It was also where I started to acquire proper wood working tools.  One of the lessons I learned (after making this piece) is that it is worth using good timber.  This was made mostly from recycled ply and scrap aluminium.

This ‘Chinese Cabinet’ holds wine in two of the three doors – the rest is storage.  The inlays are (allegedly) Chinese characters for Happiness, Health and Prosperity.  What else would you put on a booze cabinet?

Made in Exmouth


We didn’t always live on the one acre block.  For 10 years, we lived in Exmouth, Western Australia.  Exmouth is located on North West Cape, where the desert meats the ocean.  Not actually desert – more ‘arid pastoral’ – but rainfall could be scarce.  North West Cape is also home to the extraordinary Ningaloo Reef – the worlds largest fringing reef.

I wasn’t always a wood worker either.  OK – I made stuff – furniture when we were too broke to buy, plenty of rough carpentry (pergolas, shelves, wardrobes etc).  But didn’t try anything other than plain utilitarian stuff.

This table was made from recycled ply and scrap aluminium…