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Catching up…



It seems like a while since I’ve put anything on these pages…  So its catching up time…

First off – the ‘Eye of Moebius’ piece sold at Coldstream Gallery – many thanks to Mark and Steve!

I must confess that I have a great deal of difficulty with pricing these sculptural or art pieces.  With functional pieces, it is relatively easy.  We can go on-line and see how the mainstream furniture stores price tables.   I think we have a pretty fair idea of the value of a functional piece.  But for an art piece, the value that a buyer puts on a piece is much more subjective.  I don’t have that sort of experience.  On the other hand, when I buy a piece of art, I have a good idea of what  am prepared to pay based on my emotional response.

The trouble is that the closer we are to a piece, the less we can see it in perspective.

Su's desk.jpg

Flattening the desk top

Su’s desk is proceeding just not as fast as I’d like…  Too many other things happening, like the Clarence River Arts Festival, for which I am the Woodwork Section Steward.  But next week looks to be clear.  The panels for the desk top and drawer boxes have been glued up, and I should be able to finish flattening these panels.  The timber has some wild grain, and tear out is an issue, so I am mostly traversing across the grain – using Su’s Dad’s Marples 4 1/2, the HNT Gordon jack plane and the Veritas cabinet scraper.   Sharp- blades are essential.

Gidgee goodness

Happy Birthday to me!

Cashed up from the sale of the ‘Eye of Moebius’, I took the opportunity to give myself a birthday treat.  I ordered a couple of HNT Gordon planes – a smoother and a small curved bottom chair maker’s plane.  They arrived in the post next day.  How good is that!



Making Treen…


Just a few of the pieces I’ve made over the past couple of weeks…

Making treen is relaxing and profitable activity.  Low risk perhaps, not spectacular perhaps, just nice simple functional objects that people like and buy…  And it uses up some of my collection of off cuts and oddments…

Now that I have cleared the decks and stocked up again, back to real work.  The next big job is Su’s desk.  Another adventure, a couple of new ideas to try.  I have three large slabs of premium redgum ready to go.  I’m planning on opening up the slabs on Friday –  that’s always a step into the unknown!